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If you’ve never worked with a designer before, or even if you have, you may be unaware of what it takes to deliver the singular environments we create or how projects are financed, engineered and built. We want to provide context to demystify our process and remove any hurdles to working together. Here are some questions we hear most often:

How long will my interior design project take?
Each client’s project varies depending on scope, timeline, product selections, how quickly you make (and stick by!) your decisions, availability of contractors/trades, summer and holiday schedules and a host of other factors. We know that alloting adequate time to fully explore and resolve design details is the best way to achieve exceptional results. Our design process typically takes a minimum of 8 weeks. Ordering, manufacturing and delivery of quality furnishings that occurs after the design phase can take anywhere from 8-20 weeks. Projects with a construction or renovation component are likely to fall within the 12-18+ month range.

How much will my interior design project cost?
When planning your project budget, it is wise to consider the number of rooms and their size, design services, the quality and availability of materials and furnishings, freight & handling, labor and contingencies for unexpected expenses such as splurge items or construction variances. The items we specify are highly customized for each space. For a finished space commensurate with the work displayed in our portfolio, our clients have historically invested between $400-600 per square foot on furnishings excluding design fees, taxes, construction and white glove delivery. If you don’t know what your budget is, we provide the benefit of helping you prepare a realistic investment outlook for your project as one of our first steps together.

What is your markup?
Running an agile, efficient design firm that offers a premium suite of design and project management services along with custom products requires immense work, dedication, talent and mastery of inordinate details. Instead of billing hourly for the purchasing phase of our projects, we assess a 45% fee for our White Glove Procurement Service. This fee applies to each item we specify and covers the time we spend preparing proposals and invoices, ordering, tracking, communicating with vendors, updating our clients, handling claims and coordinating with a local receiving warehouse to inspect, inventory, deliver and place purchases within the residence. This service provides the ultimate benefit to our clients, allowing them to show up on installation day to a complete, coherent and fully realized home.

Do I get your discount?
Good design is an investment. We are a luxury design firm, not discount designers. The exclusive pricing we receive as trade professionals is not a discount but rather the earned benefit of our established relationships with our vendors. This translates to value for our clients because we are afforded greater access and better customer service which allows us to source faster and ensure that each space is elevated, distinctive and truly bespoke. We price your specified items to be competitive with retail, when possible, and we do not share our trade pricing, sources or our pricing structure. However, we will source items that adhere to the established project budget.

What if I find something cheaper than what you’ve presented?
We insist on attesting to the quality, durability and longevity of the items we source and, equally, to preserving our standards of excellence and our reputation for distinguished design. To that end, we avoid retail storefronts, we are not bargain hunters and we do not price shop. We create fully custom environments comprised of both in-house designs and pieces handpicked from our global network of exclusive trade resources and private vendors developed over our 20 years in the industry. This allows us greater control over the purchasing, delivery and warranty process and reduced ubiquity in our design. It also provides our clients with direct access to rare and distinctive furnishings not otherwise available through typical channels. It is our policy that all purchases are made through our firm. Our luxury services and elevated client experience are aligned with those who prefer not to shop but rather to choose from the expertly curated selections we  present.

Can you incorporate my existing furniture into my new design?
We will happily consider existing items for integration into your scheme, but will also advise you if they create aesthetic incongruity or if they fall short of the quality we must uphold. 

I don’t live in NYC. Can I still work with you?
Absolutely. Our reach is extensive and we've have partnered with clients on projects from Boston to Los Angeles. Our process is finely-tuned and we tailor our services to provide premium, consistent care regardless of location. We can discuss your specific needs upon completion of your New Project Inquiry form.

Do you offfer virtual design?
We are a high-touch design concierge. Our process and the resulting environments we deliver are best for those seeking in-person services. We remain intricately involved from project inception through installation and work hand-in-hand with a carefully selected and vetted implementation team. We are here to remove the full burden of renovation and furnishing projects from our clients’ shoulders and to ensure that each space is delivered to design intent. For those seeking remote assistance, we do offer a limited  Design Advisory service which can be conducted virtually.

I’m preparing for a renovation, but who should I hire first?
Assembling the right team is critical for success. Our clients generally hire us at the very beginning of their projects to establish the comprehensive aesthetic direction, determine space planning and use and to make all interior selections. We are adept at walking clients through the complexities of a renovation and advising on whether additional design professionals are required to complete the full scope of their project. If you’re making structural changes, adding a kitchen or bathroom, revising a staircase or amending mechanical systems, plumbing, HVAC or the footprint of your home, it may be necessary to hire an architect for proper documentation and official approvals. If you have already retained a contractor or builder, you may be looking for assistance making material, finish and lighting selections. If you’re unsure about who, how or when to hire, we can discuss this with you after receiving your New Project Inquiry form and advise which of our Services is recommended.

Will you photograph my project?
Documentation of our work is a critical facet of our business model. We reserve the right to professionally photograph our projects throughout the process and upon completion for use in our marketing materials and social media channels. We do not disclose our clients’ names or addresses without their express consent and we retain full rights and ownership of any images, video or content we create.