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MHLI provides a targeted range of process-driven design, management, concierge and advisory services to produce  distinguished, highly-customized  interiors tailored to each client’s specific program.  We insist on exacting standards of quality and authenticity and, equally, to ensuring a positive, professional experience. Our goal is to remove the burden of all project-related minutiae from our clients’ charge, leaving them simply to grant approvals. We work directly with homeowners or in collaboration with an existing team of architects, contractors, builders or developers through the following services:

Comprehensive Design
Our Comprehensive Design service affords our clients ongoing guidance and access to us for the duration of their project from initial ideation through final installation. This service includes universal support such as placing and managing orders, coordinating cosmetic updates like paint and wallpaper, administering custom furniture and millwork fabrications, ensuring adherence to design intent through site visits and liaising with the client’s contractor for spaces we’ve designed. As the client’s single point of contact for the entire project, we synchronize the various team members and establish full clarity into the project from the outset, thus reducing revisions, increasing efficiency and maximizing our clients’ investment for a truly ‘one-stop shop’ experience. This service is best for those who prefer to fully delegate project oversight and make decisions limited to selections we generate and whose scope includes renovations, acquisitions or new builds. This service is offered in the following ways:

1) Interior Architecture, Construction & Furnishings:

︎ Spatial Optimization (Floorplans & Furniture Layouts)
︎ Aesthetic Direction & Material Selections
︎ Interior Architecture & Drawings (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Millwork/Cabinetry, Lighting Plans, Mouldings, etc.)
︎ Interior Furnishing & Fixture Selections
︎ Exterior Furnishing & Fixture Selections
︎Construction Documentation & Bid Administration
︎ Ongoing Project & Construction Management
︎ Final Walkthrough & Punch List
︎ White Glove Procurement & Installation
︎ Soft Goods, Styling & Art Advisory

12-18+ months

Design Fee
Flat fee for design and installation, then hourly for ongoing management (starting at $95K)

2) Furnishings Only:

︎ Furniture Layouts
︎ Interior Furnishing Selections
︎ Exterior Furnishing Selections
︎ Ongoing Project Management
︎White Glove Procurement & Installation
︎ Soft Goods, Styling & Art Advisory

6-8 months

Design Fee
Flat fee for design and installation (starting at $95K)

Architectural Review
Our Architectural Review service provides our clients with professional advice to optimize utility and establish aesthetic direction at the beginning stages of their new build or renovation project. This in-person service is ideal for those who may have already engaged an architect or builder but need assistance with material selections (flooring, stone, tile, etc.), lighting, spatial planning, furniture layouts that impact flow and programming (electrical placement, door swings, furniture clearances, walkways, etc.) or aesthetic architectural details (mouldings, trims, doors, etc.). We will liaise with your architect or builder on plan and drawings and ultimately provide our final suggestions and/or changes. This service often acts as entrée to our Comprehensive Design, allowing clients an opportunity to get to know us better before partnering on a long-term engagement or to have access to our counsel during periods when we are otherwise fully engaged.

︎ Suggestions for Furniture Layouts
︎ Conceptual Sketches & Architectural Drawings for Design Intent
︎ Material Selections

4-6 weeks

Design Fee
Flat fee, starting at $4250 + applicable out of town travel if beyond 30 minutes from NYC

Design Advisory
Our Design Advisory service is a standalone, hands-on virtual or in-person design consultation during which we provide advice and on-the-spot recommendations regarding a specific design project or interior design-related topics. This service is best suited to those for whom Comprehensive Design is incompatible but who could benefit from full access design guidance in a limited session. As a condition to meeting, clients will submit a short pre-advisory form and provide inspiration or research images. Our involvement ends at the conclusion of this session. During the meeting, we will answer any questions regarding:

• Furniture and Decor selection and placement
• Programming/Floor Plan Layout
• Paint & Wall Treatments
• Finishes & Materials
• Drapery & Window Treatments
• Millwork (cabinetry and built-ins)
• Lighting Plan & Fixtures
• Architectural Detailing
• Construction and Remodel Ideas

︎ Ideas & advice. Client takes notes or records the session on their own device and is provided any working sketches at meeting conclusion, allowing them to interpret the design information provided in the manner that best suits their timeline, budget and scope.

up to 1.5 hours

Design Fee
$1250 + applicable out of town travel if beyond 30 minutes from NYC